Taking a depression test online

Interesting depression facts - infographic. Depression test online

Interesting depression facts – infographic.

A depression test online gives you an indication of how you have been feeling the past two weeks. And by taking the test a few times during a month or two, you may get an indication whether or not you’re starting to feel better.
The results may indicate that it’s a good idea to reach out for help or that you do not require help at the moment. However, taking this depression test online does not give you a proper diagnosis. For a proper diagnosis I recommend you to make an appointment with a general practitioner, psychiatrist or psychologist. These professionals can give you a proper diagnosis and may be able to specify the type of depression as well.

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How does this depression test online work?

This depression test online checks if you are having a major depressive episode at the moment and if you’ve had more of these episodes in your life. If you only have a major depressive episode at this moment then we usually talk about being depressed, but not of a depressive disorder. Only when you’ve had more than one major depressive episodes you have a major depressive disorder.
The test results may indicate that you do or don’t meet the criteria for a major depressive episode (and disorder) and these results may recommend reaching out to a professional.

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This test takes up to 2 minutes and shows results, based on your answers, immediately. You can take the test as often as you want. This depression test online is anonymous.
If you have any questions regarding the results, the questions of the test or the recommendations that are made based on your results, then please contact us. We will answer all of your questions as soon as possible.

The test

Welcome to your Depression test online

For the past two weeks: have you been consistently depressed or down, most of the day and nearly every day?

In the past two weeks: have you been much less able to enjoy the things you used to enjoy most of the times?

In the past two weeks: have you been much less interested in most things most of the time?

Over the past two weeks, when you felt depressed or uninterested:

During your lifetime, did you have other episodes of two weeks or more when you felt depressed or uninterested in most things, and had most of the problems we just talked about?

In between 2 episodes of depression, did you ever have an interval of at least 2 months, without any depression and any loss of interest?