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Generalized anxiety disorder facts

When you worry a lot about all sorts of things, and when you have the feeling that you’re always worrying about something, it may be a good idea to take the generalized anxiety disorder test online. This test is easy, quick, and gives you results immediately. Based on your answers on the generalized anxiety disorder test recommendations are made regarding possible treatment. Not everyone needs therapy. Perhaps you are worrying a lot because you are experiencing a lot of stress at work or at home, or perhaps because worrying gives you a sense of control over the situation. Worrying a lot because of your stressful job is not a clear sign of generalized anxiety disorder, whereas worrying to experience a sort of control over the situation is. In some cases its good to contact a therapist/counselor because you may benefit from treatment, whereas in other situations contacting a therapist is not needed.
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You can also use this test to see whether or not your generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) symptoms increase or decrease over time by taking the test a few times over the course of a few months.

This generalized anxiety disorder test does not provide you with a proper GAD diagnosis. The only purpose of this test is to give you an idea about your worries and about the likelihood of having generalized anxiety disorder. Please contact a professional for a proper GAD diagnosis.

At Barends Psychology Practice, we treat generalized anxiety disorder. Interested? Make an appointment for a first, free of charge, session now. Go to Contact us. (Depending on your health insurance, treatment may be reimbursed).

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How does this generalized anxiety disorder test work?

This generalized anxiety disorder test checks if you are having generalized anxiety disorder at the moment or if you are having a few of its symptoms. Also this test checks if you are having another mental disorder which may explain why you are worrying a lot at the moment.
The test results may indicate that you do or don’t meet the criteria for generalized anxiety disorder. Also a recommendation may follow regarding contacting a mental health professional or not.

This test takes up to 2 minutes and shows results, based on your answers, immediately. You can take the test as often as you want. This generalized anxiety disorder test is anonymous.
If you have any questions regarding the results, the questions of the test, or the recommendations that are made based on your results, then please contact me. I will answer all of your questions as soon as possible.

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The test

Welcome to your Generalized anxiety disorder test

Have you worried excessively or been anxious about several things over the past 6 months?

Are these worries present most days?

Are you able to control your worries or do they interfere with your ability to focus on what you are doing?

When you were anxious during the past six months: were you bothered by one or more of the following?
(If YES then please select option. It's possible to select more options).

Have you been diagnosed with:
(Select the option(s))

During the last year, has the use of alcohol or drugs:

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