What is Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia test - No escape

When does someone have Agoraphobia and when is it social phobia or a specific phobia? This Agoraphobia test will help you to answer this question. This questionnaire is brief, anonymous, free, and only takes a few minutes of your time. Although this Agoraphobia test cannot be used for diagnostic purposes, it does give you a strong indication whether you have Agoraphobia and offers a detailed recommendation for further steps.
An Agoraphobia diagnosis can be very helpful when one is looking for treatment. Social phobia treatment, for instance, is different compared to Agoraphobia treatment, and both are different compared to specific phobia treatment. The severity of the symptoms also helps determine the course of treatment; in more severe cases of Agoraphobia, treatment takes longer and contains more exercises, compared to mild cases of Agoraphobia.

If left untreated, Agoraphobia symptoms tend to increase in intensity and amount. Where someone with mild Agoraphobia can still go out to do grocery shopping with the aid of a safety object, someone with severe Agoraphobia may not be able to leave the house due to the fact that they suffer too much from their symptoms if they leave the house.

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Agoraphobia test – Safety behaviour

It is likely that safety behaviour or safety objects reduce the amount and severity of Agoraphobia symptoms, and consequently also the Agoraphobia test results. Safety behaviour is behaviour that calms someone down when experiencing anxiety and fear. An example of safety behaviour is to have a phone call with a friend while doing grocery shopping. Safety objects are objects that help someone calm down when experiencing anxiety and fear. A safety object can be a friend or cell phone: taking a friend with you to the cinema or theater or playing games on your cell phone during the bus ride.
The friend, the cell phone, and the phone call offer distraction to the person with Agoraphobia, which calms them down.
For some Agoraphobics, safety behaviours and objects are common and help them to get through the day. Unfortunately, this also negatively affects the Agoraphobia test results, because the perceived anxiety, fear, and panic-like symptoms are less intense than without these safety behaviours or objects. Therefore, it is important to take the Agoraphobia test based on the moments you do not use safety behaviours or objects.

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Welcome to the Agoraphobia test

I am afraid of losing control when: 
(select the situations that apply to you)

I avoid ...., because I feel that escape is difficult and/or I am afraid that I will panic:

I fear that immediate help may not be available if I am in one of the above mentioned situations.

The above selected options almost always provoke anxiety and fear.

The fear and anxiety I experience in these above mentioned situations is out of proportion to the actual danger and to the sociocultural context.

I experience .... when I am in the above mentioned situations.

The experienced anxiety and fear, and the panic-like symptoms, make it difficult for me to function normally on a social, occupational or other important domain.

I have previously experienced a panic attack or anxiety attack.

I avoid places or situations that remind me of previous panic attacks or anxiety attacks.