What are we looking for?

therapist job; Barends Psychology Practice

Barends Psychology Practice

Are you enthusiastic about counseling and treating people, do you practice evidence based therapies, and are you an asset to our team? Then we are looking for you!

We are looking for therapists who:

  • want to work for us
  • want to collaborate with us


Therapist job – Working for us

We are looking for a therapist who is either Slovenian and can treat in English, or a bilingual therapist whose second language is English. In case of the latter, we are not looking for therapists whose native language is Italian, Croatian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Indonesian, French or Arab, because we are already offering our services in these languages. For this therapist job there are a few requirements:


  • Master’s degree in Psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioural therapy level 1
  • Specialization in another evidence based therapy type. We strongly recommend: EMDR
  • 2 years of experience in treating people
  • Working flexible hours, part time to start with.
  • Willing to translate and write articles.

Interested? Send your cover letter and CV to: info@barendspsychology.com

Collaborate with us

We are looking for therapists who understand English but treat in their own language. This could be any language except for English, Italian, Slovenian, Croatian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Indonesian or Arab. For this therapist job you are independent.

What do we offer:

  • Your own platform within our website
  • Your own caseload
  • No other collaborating therapists in your own language
  • Monthly overview of amount of visitors and page visits
  • Possibility to schedule intervision
  • Flexible hours
  • Your own email address and Skype account

All we do is send the ‘requests for therapy’ directly to your email inbox.
You take care of your own invoices and appointments. Barends Psychology Practice is not responsible for your caseload.


  • Master’s degree in Psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioural therapy level 1
  • Being able to translate at least 3 articles per month into your native language
  • First session is free of charge and without any obligation

Interested? Send your CV to: info@barendspsychology.com