Online relationship help / online couples counselling.

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Online relationship help, or couples counselling, helps couples to understand each other better, resolve conflicts and communicate in a healthier way. It also helps improve your relationship, intimacy, and understanding of where your problems come from. Online relationship help teaches couples how to solve problems, argue in a healthy way, solve differences in opinion, and to develop active listening skills with their partner. Online relationship help at Barends Psychology Practice offers a lot of benefits to traditional marriage counselling, because it is:

  1. Flexible (outside office hours and in the weekends).
  2. Comfortable (online relationship help can take place on your couch, in your living room).
  3. Practical (no need to travel to the clinic; no need to hire a babysitter).
  4. Affordable (prices are low and the first session is free of charge. Check out: fees).


We offer online relationship help for a variety of relationship issues. For more details, please read: what do we treat? If you want to schedule a first, free of charge, session? Contact us.


Online relationship help: for you and your partner.

Having the perfect relationship or marriage sounds wonderful, but is very, very difficult to achieve in reality. In fact, being a happy couple is difficult as it is already. Maintaining a good relationship requires a lot of effort and motivation, you need to have an eye for detail, and it’s important to use the element of surprise.

  • Eye for detail
    The effort and motivation speak for itself, but having an eye for detail can be problematic for some of us. Body language and slightly different answers to every day questions may be a sign that your partner isn’t feeling that well. Or listening to your partner during discussions and arguments to prevent escalation. With online marriage counselling we focus on details.
  • Element of surprise
    Another aspect is the element of surprise. Remember the days before you guys became a couple and think of all the things you did to impress or surprise the other. Everybody likes surprises now and then, even when you are together for a longer period of time. With online relationship help we focus on the element of surprise and bringing back the butterflies you once felt.

For some couples, online relationship help is not even needed. For these couples, some self-help guides are enough. Here are a few we have made so far:


Online relationship help: eye for cultural differences.

online relationship help: cultural differences may confuse.

Cultural differences: greeting each other.

Every culture has its own norms and values. At least partly based on these norms and values people raise their children. When people from different cultures become a couple, the cultural differences reveal themselves. In some cultures, it is normal to flirt with one another, whereas in other cultures this equals cheating. Going out with friends while leaving your partner home alone might be normal for some cultures, for others it’s not. Cultural differences may become a problem when:

  1. There are problems in communication.
  2. Compromises cannot be made.
  3. Adjusting to these differences is difficult.
  4. Acceptance of these differences is difficult.
  5. There is a lack of patience.
  6. The focus is only on the negative side of the other culture.

With online relationship help we focus on each culture, ways of communicating, acceptance of each other’s culture, and finding a healthy balance in which both cultures can live under the same roof. Read more about: cross cultural relationship problems.

Online relationship help: finding a balance between work and partner.

online marriage counselling: balance work family

Work or Family?

When is it time to work and when is it time to be with your partner? Finding a healthy balance between your work and your partner can be a tough one. Does the job require a lot of time and effort? Is work an excuse to be away from home? Do you know how to have a good evening together? Do you know what your partners wants and why they want it? Online relationship help focuses on these questions and works towards a healthy balance between your work and your partner. We will also take a look at stress coping skills if necessary.

Overcoming infidelity.

Everyone knows someone who cheated. For most people, finding out that their partner is having a sexual or emotional affair means the end of their marriage or relationship. For some couples, however, this is not the end, but ‘only’ a major set-back. Online relationship help can help those couples who are trying to overcome infidelity and to get close to each other again. Online relationship help focuses on the communication between partners, ways to cope with the feelings of anger, frustration and of course guilt, regaining trust and increasing intimacy (having an affair is more about needs that haven’t been met). Read more about infidelity problems, or perhaps information about trust issues may be more helpful.