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Panic attack facts. panic disorder test.

Panic attack facts

The panic disorder test is a questionnaire based on scientific literature. The questionnaire should not be used as a diagnostic tool, but just to give you an idea about your problems and the severity of them. Sometimes people experience panic attacks, but they are not aware of them… sometimes people think they experience panic attacks, but they don’t meet the criteria for panic disorder or panic attacks.

This questionnaire takes only two minutes of your time and you get immediate results. The panic disorder test is set up in such a way that the questions simply require YES/NO answers. For more information about panic attacks and panic disorder, please click on the blue links below.

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What is a panic attack?
A panic attack is a sudden surge of overwhelming fear and anxiety. You experience shortness of breath, feel your heart pounding and you might even feel like you are dying or go crazy. During a panic attack the fear response is out of proportion for the situation. Often the situation is not even threatening. A panic attack usually last about 10-30 minutes, but more than an hour is possible too. The problem with panic attacks is that they make you afraid for the next panic attack. You start to focus more on physical signs and misinterpret them, leading you to worry more about a possible new panic attack and eventually you will experience one. Over time you develop a constant fear of having another panic attack. This constant fear affects your daily functioning and quality of life.

For those who suffer panic disorder symptoms or panic attacks, we offer online counseling for panic attacks and panic disorders. Contact us straight away for a first, free of charge, session. (Depending on your health insurance, sometimes treatment can be reimbursed).


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The Panic disorder test.

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On more than one occasion, have you had attacks or spells when you suddenly felt anxious, frightened, uncomfortable or uneasy, even in situations where most people would not feel that way?

Did the attacks or spells reach a peak approximately within 10 minutes of starting?

Did any of those attacks or spells come on unexpectedly or occur in an unpredictable or unprovoked manner?

Have you ever had one such attack followed by a month or more of persistent concern about having another attack, or worries about the consequences of the attack?

Did you make a significant change in your behaviour because of the attacks (e.g., not wanting to leave your house (by yourself), visiting your general practitioner a lot because of the symptoms?

In the past month, did you have such attacks repeatedly (2 or more) followed by persistent concern about having another attack?

During the worst spell that you can remember:
(only check those that apply for you)



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