Different types of depression.

Different types of depression

Depression types

There are many different types of depression with all a unique combination of signs, intensity and duration. Sometimes it’s difficult to recognize which of the different types of depression you may have. When most people hear of depression, they automatically think of what psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors call a Major Depressive Episode. In short, this is when someone feels unhappy, sad, and empty most of the days, nearly every day, and does not have the energy or motivation to do normal daily activities as grocery shopping. Major depressive episode is only one of the many different types of depression.


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Highlighting two different types of depression.

Bipolar disorder is one of the most remarkable  of a different types of depression. Someone diagnosed with Bipolar disorder can have periods in which they are very energetic and have exhibit behaviours characterized as impulsive or high-risk such as excessive money spending or hyper-sexuality. And this very same person diagnosed with Bipolar disorder will experience a depressive episode familiar to the one we know as “depression”.
On the contrary, one of the depression types lasts extremely long and has the same symptoms of what we call ‘depression’, but the symptoms are less severe. This is Dysthymia. Dysthymia is also known as chronic depression and is difficult to diagnose. People with Dysthymia often think that their depression is part of their character. They do not discuss their symptoms with relatives or with the doctor.

The three depression types briefly mentioned are not the only depression types known today. Below are the depression types listed alphabetically. Click on one of the depression types to visit the page and get more information about them.

For your information, the symptoms of depression affect everyone in a different way, causing a depressive disorder to manifest itself in a different way in each person. Two people diagnosed with Bipolar disorder may suffer from different symptoms of Bipolar disorder. One of the two people may show more signs of Bipolar disorder than the other one. The information provided about each of the depression types is more general. For more specific questions or comments, please contact Barends Psychology Practice. If you think you might have a specific type of depression, then please consider a free of charge online counseling session.
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