Online treatment for mental health issues.

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Online treatment.

Online treatment is a dynamic and growing field, and finding the right therapist online can bring added stress and confusion when considering your options. Barends Psychology Practice offers online treatment for mental health issues, using Skype, G-talk, and even Facebook Video Chat. Our professional team of therapists can help you analyze and explore your issues, and we can illuminate the right path for you.

If you want to schedule a first, free of charge, session? Contact us. (Depending on your health insurance, sometimes treatment can be reimbursed).


The benefits of online treatment: Effective: Treatment online is effective in treating various mental issues and needs. Flexible: treatment sessions can be scheduled outside office hours. Comfortable: Online treatment  can take place at home, where you feel comfortable. Time saving: No need to waste time to travel to the clinic.

 Affordable: online treatment is more affordable than visiting a counselor in a clinic. No interruptions: Therapy can continue even when you are on a holiday or work abroad. Always around: In case of crisis intervention, we are always just a few clicks away.

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During the first appointment, your issues will be discussed and, if necessary, we will set up a treatment plan. This session of 60 minutes is free of charge and without obligations.

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How do I know if online treatment is the right thing for me? Treatment online is basically the same as traditional therapy, because the same techniques are used. Research shows that online counseling and traditional therapy are equally effective. Additionally, treatment online is saves time and takes place in a comfortable and safe environment. The first session is free of charge and without obligation. online treatment We are specialized in treating different types of Depression, Anxiety, Phobia, PTSD, Self-Esteem issues, Overcoming Traumatic Events, Personality Disorders (e.g. Borderline personality disorder), Stress, Relationship Difficulties, Emotion Regulation, Parenting Problems, Addictions, and more. For more details, please check: Treatment psychological difficulties.