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Psychologists in Ljubljana.

Barends Psychology Practice offers face-to-face counseling and online counseling for mental issues, and personal development for individuals, couples, and families. Learn how to acquire the skills that are needed for discovering your pathway towards a healthy, fulfilling, and happy life. We offer counseling in English (Maja and Niels), Slovene (Maja), and Dutch (Niels).

Barends Psychology Practice has its office located in Šiška, Ljubljana in an area where you can park your car without a problem.

We offer evidence based treatments for:

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If you want to schedule a first, free of charge, session? Contact us. (Depending on your health insurance, treatment may be reimbursed).


Psychologist in Ljubljana – How does it work?


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Contact us

Fill in the contact form. You will receive a reply within 36 hours. Or call/text: +386 (0)40 681 058.

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During the first session we discuss your issues, and, if necessary, set up a treatment plan. This session takes up to 60 minutes and is free of charge and without obligations.



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Psychologist in Ljubljana

The therapy sessions take place on a regular basis.


How do I know if therapy is something for me?

  • The first session is free of charge and without obligation.
  • Therapy is for everyone who struggles with certain issues: from the loss of a loved one to anxiety issues, and from addiction to self-esteem issues. With the help of a psychologist, you can learn certain coping skills, social skills, acceptance of difficult issues, overcome traumatic experiences, and also improve your relationship, marriage or family life.